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Charhayah Christina Poole is the 2nd child of Ryan and Dana Poole.  She is the live wire of the family.  As the only princess in the house, she makes sure to make her presence known.   Her first name Charhayah pronounced (Ka Rye Yuh) also has a Hebrew origin and it means "Fear God."  Although she never had the pleasure of meeting her, for her middle name, she bears the honor of her paternal Grandmother, Christina Poole.  Her many nicknames include 'Toot' 'CiCi' 'Button' (cause she is cute as a button) and "Rhayah" (because its close in sound to her father's name Ryan).

Charhayah loves to laugh and play.  She is a leader amongst her peers and is quick to volunteer.  She also has a talent for singing and playing instruments.  (if we could just get her to practice :)  She has many dreams and goals, some of which include: to become a lawyer,  a judge, a president, a government, an actor, an island owner, a sports physical therapist, a composer and writer of music, and a great piano player like Gail Murphy, Wayne Buckner or Nancy Dudley.

Ms. Poole wants to develop her talent as a writer.  In 2014, she won a writing competition at the Allegheny East Conference Campmeeting youth program for her poem "Stand!"  After composing her poem just ten minutes before her turn to present, she read it to the group of young people and placed 1st, winning an Apple Ipad Mini.

You can follow Charhayah online @

Charhayah will be entering Oakwood University as a Freshman in the fall of 2016 school year. The tuition room and board and expenses for this year is $15,000.

We solicit your prayers and gifts of love to help her continue his Christian Education.

You can also send gifts directly to the school:

Oakwood University 
C/O Charhayah Poole
7000 Adventist Blvd
Huntsville, AL 35896

Contacts info:
p:  (256) 726-7000

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