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Chaliyl Nacah Poole is the 3rd of the Poole children born in the happy month of April.   The engineer of the family, Chaliyl likes taking things apart and seeing how they work.  He is a very diligent worker and loves basketball.

When he was 3 years old Chaliyl rode his bike into a ditch and fell over 20 feet and hit his forehead on a large stone.  The cut went down to his skull and required an ambulance trip to the hospital to stabilize him and 12 stitches to heal.  For six years Chaliyl was known as the baby of the family.  With the birth of his little brother, he has the distinct honor of being the only one to hold the title of little brother and big brother of the family.

Chaliyl will be entering the 9th grade this school year. We solicit your prayers and gifts of love to help him continue his Christian Education.  Help Chaliyl reach his goal of $5000

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